Giao dịch với sự tự tin và hưởng lợi từ các nền tảng giao dịch tiên tiến

Forex Affiliate Programs are a great way to begin trading if you want to avoid the risks of investing your own money. As you might already know, affiliate marketing is when someone uses a link to promote another service or product, and in return gets a commission if other people use these services or purchase the products promoted.

In the case of Forex Trading, affiliate programs do exactly this with the aim to promote Forex trading platforms. People involved with trading as affiliates get links from specific Forex platforms and share them on their websites or social media, etc. Then, when others click on the link and make a deposit you get a commission.

Here are 8 top Forex affiliates right now:


FxPro gives you the option to either be an introducer or use their classic affiliate program. Based on your choice you also get rewarded according to how much is deposited under your referral.

Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets provides an easy, step-by-step process to earn through its affiliate program. It has various resources for its affiliates to promote its platform, and withdrawal and payment processing times are very straightforward and quick.


eToro is well known for the Copy Trading it provides. It is also very practical for people to use all around the world since it is available in more than 20 languages.

Traders Union

Traders Union is an affiliate program allowing its users to profit from more than one broker. The platform partners with about 100 brokers, making it easier for new affiliates to begin earning from various deposits.


The XM affiliate program has a low minimum deposit ($5). This makes it easier for people to sign up and start with trading, which in turn makes it potentially easier for affiliates to start earning.


AvaTrade is known for offering high commissions on referral deposits. In addition, they offer a support team helping you spot the most valuable banners for your campaign’s success, as well as various other supporting services.


FXCM has various criteria for you to get started as an affiliate, but these criteria do not include any fees with opening an account. You will have to go through an application process and get your profile approved, but after that, you gain access to marketing tools for your campaigns and the support you need to get started.


Swissquote offers two ways to become a partner. One is through a classic affiliate program, and the other is through the Introducing Brokers Partnership plan. In addition, the platform is infamous for offering good investment opportunities.

All in all, when choosing a Forex Affiliate program it is important to read further into what each partnership entails and which platform makes the most sense for you to promote.